What Makes Us Tick?

Discover the rich heritage of wood with Norsewood watches.

From building boats to homes, wood has been an essential part of our history. It's a material that has been crafted into protective shields and relied upon for its durability and strength.

At Norsewood, we want to keep this heritage alive by bringing the beauty and versatility of wood to your wrist. Our wooden watches are a tribute to the explorers who ventured into the unknown, driven by their yearning for discovery and their connection to the natural elements. If you feel that ancestral calling to explore and connect with nature, a Norsewood watch is the perfect companion for your journey.


 In the midst of pandemic chaos and lockdowns, one man found solace in the beauty of nature. Charlie, the founder of Norsewood Watches watched in awe as pollution levels dropped and the earth began to heal. Places we once knew as public spaces were transformed into lush places teeming with wildlife, even if only for a fleeting moment.

But this transformation came at a cost. The sight of dolphins leisurely swimming up the grand canal of Venice was a breath-taking reminder of the damage we have inflicted upon our planet. It was a wake-up call that forced us to confront the harsh reality of our denaturing ways.

This inspired an idea that was both brilliant and audacious
Start with a tree and end with a forest...

Charlie - Founder of Norsewood

And so, with a passion for sustainability and a commitment to ethical sourcing, Charlie founded Norsewood Watches. Every watch seamlessly fused sustainably, durability and style. But it wasn't enough for Charlie to simply create a sustainable brand. He wanted Norsewood Watches to have a tangible impact on the world.

That's when he came up with the idea of planting a tree for every watch sold. It was a bold move, but Charlie believed that it was the right one. And thousands of trees later, he was right.

Norsewood has been planting trees in various projects across the globe. From reforestation efforts in South America to conservation projects in Africa.


Charlies vision for Norsewood is to be a shining example of what is possible when passion and purpose come together. Watches which not only tell time, but also tell a story of hope and possibility for a better future. And for every watch sold, a new tree is planted, ensuring that Norsewoods legacy of sustainability will continue for generations to come.

- Norsewood Watches Team